SPAM'ers Hall of Shame

Welcome to the "SPAM'ers Hall of shame."  I have randomly chosen a number of the pieces of SPAM (also known as UCE) I have received and posted them here for your enjoyment.  -  Instant Diploma?  Instant laughing stock!  -  Get out of debt now!  Really just let us look at your credit info so we can sell it to every one in the US.  -  Hey! We bought your name from some sleazy outfit that trolls for names on the Internet and want to get you 3 credit cards.  We don't issue credit cards but if you give us your personal; information we know you are the sort of moron we can sell anything to.  So go ahead and make our day.  -  Let us lend you money at rates you are sure to be unable to afford. - We think you are about as dumb as a rock so there is no question you will believe that we got your name honestly.  Oh and by the way if you believe that we have some chopped up weeds from our back yard that we guarantee will make your sex drive better.  Of course if you buy our garbage then you are probably so dumb you will never find a mate anyway. - Oh yea baby!  Another credit card deal for you.....   Give us your personal info so we can sell it to every dirt bag in the country.  If you think a secured credit card is a real credit card then we own you.  Uh I mean are your friends.  -  Lose weight now.  No work.  Eat anything.  Just take our drugs that have been proven to cause permanent heart and liver damage and soon you will lose weight the easy way.   Just ask any corpse weight loss is easy.   Note.  These morons have been spamming me with about 8 different messages a day.  -  How to be a fat slob with no money.  -  Let us sell you useless stuff we bought so you can try to resell it.  There have to be more morons like you out there just waiting to buy.  -  Another load you cannot afford!  uh to miss?  -  Refinance your home with us so we can repossess it next year.  -  Buy lots of e-mail addresses of people who do not want to hear from you.  -  Not only do they have no clue when it comes to the Net they also have no clue when it comes to health.  -  "FRD Partners respects your privacy" if that is not a pile of dingo dooky I am not sure what is.  Hello!  If you respected my privacy you would not send me garbage like this that I obviously do not want!  These are the type of people who make wayward Catholic Priests look like Saints.  -  I fail to see how any of these things are related.   And why would I want to stop paying for pantyhose?   I wear only the best on my head......  -  Accept credit cards to increase your sales!  Like wow.  You currently have no business so just by accepting credit cards people will flock to your site.....  -  These guys should know better.  -  Free Fun!  Win win win!  Oh yes did we forget to mention that it is really not free and to be honest not all that fun?  -  Do they really think we are so stupid we don't know that they just troll for e-mail addresses and then auto join the people?   Give me a break.  It is people like this that would move into your house while you were on vacation and then sue you in court to keep it.  -  Would you vote for some idiot who regularly sends SPAM and cannot abide by the rules of his ISP?  Would this person really make a good elected official?  -  Clean up your credit in 24 hours.  Humm maybe if you kill your self.  -  We will train you to do nothing.  And you will like it.  Did we mention free vacations staying at maximum security prisons all around the world?  Think of the luxury you are missing!  -  One wonders who comes up with these stupid legal threats?  -  Wow!  We have more free crap then any one else.  -  Now why would I want to buy a scooter over the net when I can go to K-Mart and try out the discount scooter before I buy it?  Oh yea, I can have it today also with no shipping.  -  Free vacation after you give use $5,000 of your hard earned money.  -  Free satellite TV!  Just sign over your first born and agree to pay us 500% over the currently monthly cost for comparable service for 20 years.  -  There is no question that porn is what has allowed the Internet to grow as it has.  If it were not for porn the Internet backbone would be made out of T3's and multiple T1's bonded together and only people like my self would be using it.  But this is sick!   Not to mention the fact that most of these girls are ugly enough to scare the hair off a dogs nuts.  -  Find out the truth about any one!   Humm lets see.  I am a licensed Private Investigator and so I have a pretty good idea what it really costs to do this.  And I can tell you that a piece of software will not do this for you.   But if you are willing to spend about $20,000 you can get pretty close to finding out the truth about someone.


* Note:  If you are listed here you will not be able to send e-mail to any of my domains.  You have been blocked due to your inability to be a good net citizen.  And yes I do have the legal right to block your domain from sending mail to my domains.  If on the other hand you have just purchased a new domain that happens to be listed here and would like to be removed and can provide concrete proof that you just bought your domain I will be more than happy to remove you from my list and stop blocking your new domain.

SPAM - Unsolicited non personal e-mail sent for a gain.

That's it.  The definition is very easy.  Do I know you?   Do you want to be a friend or acquaintance?  Is my house on fire?   Then why are you sending me e-mail.   I don't want to buy your (insert crap here).  If I did I would have searched you out and bought your product.  I most certainly do not want to vote/be saved/hear your sob story/give to or buy or for any thing you are/have/think.  If I did I would have already.   So go away and let me enjoy my right to be left alone.


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