The coolest Bird in Town!

Well you asked for it so here he is (at least we think he is a he).  The one and only Zeus.  Zeus is a Senegal Parrot and really likes to party.  His favorite drink is a Slurpee and his favorite food is a chocolate covered donut.  So, enough descriptions you say?  Lets see the man of the hour!

ZeusBitemeChris.gif (6406 bytes)

Here is a picture of Zeus drawn by his friend Chris.  For some reason Chris thinks Zeus has a visegrip beak and is dangerous.  Zeus thinks Chris is a bum cause he never comes to visit and rarely, if ever, has been seen buying glazed doughnut holes.  Also Zeus is worried about Chris' job cause Chris works for an Internet Web Site development company and can't draw!



zeusfood.gif (36833 bytes)

Well it seems that Zeus has spotted some food.  If you could not tell, the best things in life, as far as Zeus is concerned, are put in your mouth.  Some would say that this is Zeus' happy face look.  Zeus would agree.  Now hurry over here with that Snack!



ZeusIseeyou.gif (36833 bytes)

Ah Ha!  I have spotted you.  At times Zeus like to play.  Not to worry play should never interrupt eating but after you are stuffed and had at least 5 or 6 naps it might be time to play or then again you could wander around the house and put pretty plops on the floor where they are sure to be stepped in.  Then again this could be Zeus', "I am getting ready to sing" stance.  And yes Zeus can sing.  Though his favorite speech is saying "Pretty Pretty Pretty Birdie".  Of course so as not to get bored the Pretty and Birdie can be repeated any number of times but always must be in the same order.



ZeusPose.gif (44083 bytes)

Could there be any question that Zeus is much cooler than you?  Here he is with one foot on his stand saying, "Dude I am cool!"



ZeusWhoisit.gif (40854 bytes)

Who is it?  Zeus is not to fond of not knowing who is there so don't let him down get over there and sign the guest book.  I mean, hey, you don't want Zeus flying over to your house to bite you with his visegrip beak?  Now do you........

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